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Solana Fungible Tokens

Solana SPL Token Details

Avana Wallet populates metadata for SPL Fungible Tokens using the Solana Token List and On-Chain Metadata. Examples of SPL Fungible Tokens include SRM, FTT and USDC.


Avana Wallet displays a token's name, image and symbol to the user. Decimals are used to calculate amounts and balances.

Data extracted from the Solana Token List includes:

  • name - in most cases the name is truncated when it exceeds 25 characters
  • symbol
  • decimals
  • logoURI
  • chainId
  • address
  • extensions.coingeckoId - enables price data and charts to be displayed for your token

Verified Icon

Verified Icon>

Avana Wallet identifies tokens that are well-known and traded among the community by including Verified Icon alongside the token. Verified tokens are prioritized when users search the tokens list.

Swap Icon

Swap Icon>

A swap icon is displayed if the user is able to swap the token with Jupiter Aggregator. Avana Wallet uses Jupiter to facilitate its swaps because Jupiter routes orders to ecosystem partners based on best price. Jupiter features most large liquidity providers including Serum, Mercurial, Orca and more.


Price data from CoinGecko is displayed for your token if it has a coingeckoId.

Blocked Tokens

Tokens suspected of being scams are proactively removed. The user can still hold/transfer/send these tokens, but the metadata will not exist and the token will not appear in the Avana Wallet Tokens List. Contact if you believe a valid token has been removed.