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Web App

Sample Popup

Avana Wallet displays your site's logo, name and host name when a popup is opened. Apps registered with Avana Wallet will show a Verified icon in the popup.

Registered Apps

Apps registered with Avana Wallet display pre-configured values and a verified logo next to the app name. You can modify these values by contacting Avana Wallet support.

Visit Register App to register your app.

Unregistered Apps

Apps not registered with Avana Wallet will display data gathered from the page HTML. Also, the user will see a note that the app has not been verified. Contact us to register your app - the process is free.

Data are populated using a deterministic method:


  1. Open Graph title <meta property="og:title"...>
  2. Document title document.title
  3. No name will be displayed
  1. Pre-Composed Apple Touch Icon <link rel="apple-touch-icon-precomposed"...>
  2. Apple Touch Icon <link rel="apple-touch-icon"...>
  3. Open Graph image <meta property="og:image" ...>
  4. Favicon Shortcut Icon <link rel="shortcut icon"...>
  5. Favicon Shortcut <link rel="shortcut"...>
  6. Universal fallback image
Apple Touch Icons

The largest available size will be chosen when multiple Apple Touch Icon size choices are available. You can specify sizes in the tag, for example: <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="512x512"...>