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Avana Wallet Interface

The Avana Wallet extension is designed to interact with web applications via two primary methods:

1. Browser Window Interface

The Avana Wallet extension injects a provider available at window.solana and window.avana.solana. The provider is available when the user has javascript enabled. You are able to verify that you are interacting with Avana Wallet by calling window.solana.isAvana.

Avana Wallet is designed to work seamlessly with apps using other Solana wallets. Avana Wallet methods and responses match existing interfaces.

The Avana Wallet provider includes the following methods:

2. Solana Wallet Adapter

Solana maintains the Solana Wallet Adapter package which offers a set of modular TypeScript components to integrate multiple wallet providers. The package is easy to integrate and has good documentation to get started. It is important to note that not all methods available with window.solana are included with the Solana Wallet Adapter package.