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Quick Start

Let's get started with your Avana Wallet with 3 fast and easy steps.

Step 1: Installation

Get started by installing the Avana Wallet extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge browsers.

Step 2: Setup Your Avana Account

Open your Avana Wallet extension and create a new Avana Account. If you previously created an Avana account, you can restore it by entering your saved recovery phrase.

Store your 12-word secret recovery phrase in a safe location. This phrase can be used to restore your Avana account if you lose your device, or to load your settings on multiple devices.

Step 3: Create / Load Crypto Accounts

Create a new crypto account with just a few clicks, or import your crypto account from a secret key or another wallet.

Connecting To Apps

Avana Wallet is compatible with all Solana Web3 apps. Some apps limit the number of wallet options. If Avana Wallet is not listed, you can still connect using Avana Wallet by choosing Phantom wallet. Contact us if you have any questions or need help 👍.