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Address Book

Address Book

Crypto addresses are like phone numbers (only slightly longer and harder to remember 😁) - life is easier when we can store contacts using a name or an alias.

Avana offers you the ability to store your contacts address book and sync it across all of your devices using your Avana Wallet account.

Managing Contacts

You can manage your Address Book contacts by navigating to Account Settings → Address Book. Add a contact by clicking the plus button, then enter your contact's name and address or domain name (more info on domain names below).

The search bar at the top of your contacts list makes it easy to filter a large number of contacts quickly.

Your contacts will sync across devices that are logged into your Avana Wallet account.

Domain Names

Bonfida offers .sol domain names that you can use instead of a full crypto address. A crypto domain name is similar to an internet domain name in the sense that it represents an address in human-readable format. Websites use domain names (for example that map to their IP addresses ( for Nearly everyone prefers using domain names because they are easier to remember.

Avana Wallet enables you to interact with .sol domain names. Avana Wallet verifies the domain name and fetches the underlying wallet address for you automatically.

Domain Names Can Change Owners

You should be aware that domain names can change owners. Similar using a regular snail mail service, letters sent to friend's address after they moved will end up going to a different recipient (there is no "mail forwarding in crypto").

Always confirm that the intended person still owns a domain name before interacting with it.