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Connected Apps

All apps must first request your permission to connect before they are able to interact with your wallet. A popup window similar to the one below will prompt you for your approval.

After connecting the site will be able to view your wallet's public address and avatar URL. Also, the site will then be able to request your permission to sign and send transactions.

Sites that you connect with are automatically added to your Connected Apps list. Apps on this list no longer require permission to connect to your wallet - they can connect automatically. You can remove apps from this list at any time.

Example Popup Window

Connect To Apps

Example Connected Apps List

Connected Apps

Avana Wallet tries to help you navigate a diverse ecosystem. While many apps are great and useful, some bad actors exist. Avana Wallet tries to help you stay safe by classifying the site into three categories:

  1. Verified: Lower risk, Avana Wallet team has inspected the site
  2. Unverified: Use with increased caution, Avana Wallet team has not inspected the site
  3. Blocked: Avana Wallet team has deemed the site as a risk for users. You are still able to use the site if you want to proceed.

Example blocked site

Blocked Site


Certain apps are able to request your permission to Auto-Approve. Avana Wallet only allows a select group of apps to request your permission to Auto-Approve. When you enable Auto-Approve, transactions and messages are automatically signed by your account.

You should extra caution when enabling this feature. Make sure you trust the app, and only enable it if you know what you are doing. This feature exists to help improve the experience for users who may need to make many quick transactions.

You can enable auto-approve when first connecting to the app, or by adjusting settings in Connected Apps.

Auto-Approve When Connecting

Auto-Approve feature when connecting to a decentralized app

Auto-Approve In Connected Apps

Auto-Approve feature in Connected Apps