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Two-Factor Authentication

Avana Wallet offers two-factor authentication for our users to add an extra layer of security. When two-factor authentication is enabled, then a prompt to confirm a one-time passcode is displayed after entering a password.

Two-factor authentication requires the user to have physical access to a separate device, which makes it difficult for hackers to compromise an account.

We strongly encourage you to enable two-factor authentication. A Google study published in 2019 showed that two-factor authentication is the best defense against most account hacks.

Avana Wallet offers the following two-factor authentication methods:

  • Authenticator App
  • Telegram

Prompt to confirm code at login

Two-Factor Auth - Enter Code

Authenticator App

Authenticator apps generate a six-digit passcode every 30 seconds. This method is commonly used across many web apps.

You must install an authenticator app (see list below), then add your Avana account to the app by scanning the QR code or entering your authenticator key in the app.

Directions to enable Authenticator App

Two-Factor Auth - Authenticator

  1. Download authenticator app on your mobile device
  2. Scan QR code using mobile device, or add authenticator key to the app
  3. Confirm a code from the app in Avana Wallet


You can also link your Telegram account to Avana Wallet. After linking your account, you can get two-factor login codes from the @AvanaWalletBot.

Directions to enable Telegram

Two-Factor Auth - Telegram

  1. Click on the link to start a conversation with the @AvanaWalletBot Telegram bot
  2. The bot should automatically confirm your account. If not, try Method 2
  3. Click confirm button in Avana Wallet to confirm the connection. A switch should appear after confirming.

Method 2: Copy Code

  1. Start a conversation with the bot by going to this link
  2. Type /link <code>, and replace <code> with the code in your Telegram settings.
  3. Click confirm button in Avana Wallet to confirm the connection. A switch should appear after confirming.
Example command to link account
/link 2RnZvuLb6DUgJ6Z7SQ1XugtTjSdX29GBc6rc4Ty1iagi736626355

Telegram Example

Two-Factor Auth - Telegram Login

The example above shows how you can link your account and get login codes.

Ask AvanaWalletBot for a login code by typing /login.

Important Note

Avana Wallet links one Avana Account to a unique Telegram account. Avana Wallet links the most recent registration to the Telegram account - any prior links are removed when you create a new link.

Single-Use Passcodes

Single-use passcodes enable you to bypass the normal two-factor authentication requirement. We provide you a list of 20 single-use passcodes. Make sure you save the list in a safe location to restore access to your wallet if you lose your device.

Single-use passcodes still require you to enter the password for the account. You will be unable to access your wallet by using a single-use passcode without your password.

Important Note

Avana Wallet is not able to restore locked accounts. Store your two-factor one-time passcodes somewhere safe when you enable two-factor authentication so you can access your account if you lose your device.

List of single-use passcodes

Two-Factor Auth - Passcodes

Using Single-Use Passcode

Step 1: Click on Dropdown Menu

Two-Factor Auth - Backup Code 1

Step 2: Enter Single-Use Passcode

Two-Factor Auth - Backup Code 2