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Avana Wallet operates the @AvanaWalletBot on Telegram and Discord. The bot is fully-automated, and you can use it to access certain Avana Wallet services.

Example: Generating a two-factor authentication login code using @AvanaWalletBot on Telegram

Two-Factor Auth - Telegram Login

Example: Interacting with @AvanaWalletBot on Discord

Discord bot

Linking Account

You can link your Telegram and Discord accounts to Avana Wallet by interacting with @AvanaWalletBot. Navigate to your Two-Factor Authentication settings and copy the code to link your account. Enter the code as follows:

/link 5DgPkeLahKReMn7tCMbPCH7DDtcQjmZ2rNNopVtDgNBu224550318

Avana Wallet stores your account's unique identifier provided by Discord or Telegram when you link your account. Avana Wallet does not store personal information or messages.

After you link your account you can use Avana Wallet services such as Two-Factor authentication. You can generate a two-factor authentication code by messaging the bot:

Linking Your Account

Make sure you do not enter your private key or sensitive information when linking your account. The secret code can be found in Two-Factor Authentication settings.

When you use Discord, link your account in a DM with the bot. Do not link your account in a public server where others can view your secret code.

Connecting with Bots

Below are links to connect directly with @AvanaWalletBot


  • /health - Get Solana network health
  • /help - See list of commands
  • /link - Link your Avana Wallet account to your Telegram account
  • /login - Generate a two-factor authentication code
  • /ping - Ping the bot (Discord only)
  • /start - Start a conversation with the bot (Telegram only)
  • /support - Get support information