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Create Account

Create Account

Avana Wallet enables to you create a new crypto account with just a few clicks. You will be provided a randomly-selected set of twelve words that is used to generate your account private key and public address. These words are randomly selected from a list containing over 2,000 words, and most crypto wallets use this method (it is considered very safe).

You can generate a new set of words by clicking on the circular arrows icon. Once you're ready to create your account, make sure you copy the information (click copy button) and store it somewhere safe. Then click the save button. The new account will show up in your accounts list after you save it.

You can change the name of your account by editing it, and you can view the private key information at any time (see Account Secrets).

Sample Recovery Phrase

When you copy the account information to your clipboard, it will produce something similar to the output below. Store this information somewhere safe.

Created with Avana Wallet
Secret recovery phrase: view merit cabin dune zoo fox bleak correct orbit rib thumb wage

Multiple Accounts

In crypto, everything is public on the blockchain ledger. This means that your transactions will be public. Anyone who knows your public address can look at its history and balances. You can add an element of privacy by creating multiple accounts for various purposes (ie everyday purchases, savings, business, etc) and by cycling accounts every so often (ie create a new account once per month).

Avana Wallet makes it easy for you to organize and backup all of your crypto accounts using just your Avana Wallet account.

Storing Account Secrets

Be sure that you store your account recovery somewhere safe. Anyone with access to this phrase is able to access and make changes to the account. We recommend storing the credentials offline in case your device ever becomes compromised (see Security).

Alternatively, when you use Cloud Sync, all you need to do is remember your Avana Wallet account. You can always restore your accounts and recovery phrases from a backup snapshot.

Crypto Accounts Differ From Normal Accounts

Most accounts we use online enable us to change the password if we forget it or think someone discovered it. Crypto accounts do not have this capability - once you create an account with a secret phrase then that phrase is static and will never change.

If you ever believe your account credentials have been compromised, the best option for you to secure your funds is to transfer all funds to a brand new account with a new recovery phrase.