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Import Account

Import Account

You can import your account if you know your private key or recovery phrase. Choose the method you are using (recovery phrase or private key), and then enter the information. Click the Validate button and check the address that is generated from your information. If the address matches the account you are trying to import, then go ahead and import it.

Keep your information secret

Please do not include your private keys and recovery phrases in messages when you contact Avana Wallet support. We will never ask for this information, nor do we need it to help you solve issues.

Recovery Phrases

Recovery phrases are typically 12 to 24 randomly selected words used to generate a private and public key. Learn more about recovery phrases here.

Private Keys

Private keys can be be displayed as characters (for instance, "5Rk7DkD9a0...."), or a list of numbers (for instance [97, 52, 32, 252, 91, ...]). Learn more about private keys here.

Additional Options

Additional Options

You will see an option to import additional accounts derived from the secret when you import an account using a recovery phrase. Avana Wallet provides you 25 additional account options using a derivation path. These accounts all use the same private key, but use different derivation paths. This means that a single private key can prove ownership for all of these addresses.

The derivation path range displayed represents m/44'/501'/0'/0' to m/44'/501'/25'/0'. This makes it easier to import multiple accounts created at other providers such as Phantom, Solflare and Sollet. When you create a new account with these providers they create the account using an incremented derivation path.

Importing From Other Wallets

If you are importing your account from another wallet, please reference the following pages: