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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)


NFTs will show up in your NFT collections when you mint or purchase them. Each NFT displays the on-chain and off-chain metadata (information) for that particular mint address.

NFT Buttons

  • Explorer View the NFT on blockchain explorers
  • Send Send the NFT to another recipient (see sending tokens)
  • Avatar Make this NFT your avatar (profile picture, see avatar)

NFT Metadata

Metadata is a collection of information about your NFT. Most NFTs on Solana follow the metadata standards created by Metaplex.

Typically part of the data is stored on the Solana blockchain ("on-chain"), and another part of the metadata is stored at a third party hosting service (such as Arweave, Amazon, etc - referred to as "off-chain").

The reason why data are split between on-chain and off-chain is because on-chain storage tends to be more expensive than off-chain storage. Also, on-chain storage data tends to follow a more rigid data structure, while off-chain storage allows for more flexibility of the data structure.

The creator or authority of the NFT is the one who publishes and updates the metadata.

Example metadata

NFT Metadata

NFT Metadata

Sending NFT

Send NFT

Sending an NFT on Solana is similar to sending any other token - just type in the recipient's address or domain name and click send.