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Sending Tokens

Sending Tokens

Sending tokens is fast and easy. Select the token you want to send from the dropdown list, then enter the amount and recipient and click send. Typically transactions take 5 to 10 seconds to confirm. Sometimes this can take longer when there are network issues (see Network Status).

Click on the @ button to access your Address Book.

Recipient Address

Make sure you use the recipient's wallet address, not the recipient's associated token address. Avana Wallet automatically maps the associated token address for you.

Adding A Message

You can add a message up to 100 characters to your transaction. This is helpful if you want to add a note regarding the transaction purpose (for example, "My share of the bill for dinner last night" and "Order #23888").

Messages Are Public & Permanent

Messages are publicly visible and permanent - so make sure you do not include sensitive information. remember that is not possible to erase or change blockchain messages.

Network Fees

Network fees are the Base amount if the recipient already has a token account for the token you are sending. The fee is closer to the Max amount if the recipient does not have an account for the token you are sending.