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Staking Solana SOL


Avana Wallet integrated Marinade's staking program which enables you to earn yield on your SOL. Marinade designed a creative staking program that diversifies its fund allocation to over 400 high-quality mid-sized validators.

Marinade's program helps improve the overall network health by supporting mid-size validators, while at the same time reducing risk for staking participants by diversifying their holdings across hundreds of validators (if you're interested in learning more about portfolio theory this site discusses the merits of diversification). Marinade's yield has been steady since inception, and its program is trusted with almost $1 billion.

When you stake your SOL you receive mSOL in exchange. mSOL is like any other token - you can swap and send it. Over time the value of your mSOL will increase as yield accrues.

Unstaking mSOL

You can convert your mSOL back to SOL quickly and efficiently. Click on the unstake tab and then enter the amount you want to unstake. You can also swap your mSOL for SOL or another token using Avana Wallet's swap feature.

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