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Tokens List

Tokens List

Avana Wallet aggregates all of your token balances into one consolidated view so you can manage and watch your portfolio. You can add and remove tokens by clicking on the Manage List button. Tokens will automatically appear in your list when you swap or someone sends them to you.

Token price data are from Coingecko - not all tokens have market price data.

Adding Tokens

You can add other tokens to your list by clicking Manage List and then adding other tokens. Tokens in this list are sourced from the Solana Token List.

Searching Tokens List

You can narrow down the tokens list by typing a term in the search bar. The search will find matching tokens using:

  • Token name
  • Token symbol
  • Mint address

Tokens List Filters

Avana Wallet offers filters to narrow down the token list quickly and efficiently. Filters include:

  • Verified: Only tokens that Avana Wallet has verified
  • Selected: Only tokens that you have in your tokens list currently
  • With balance: Only tokens that you own in your selected account
  • Can Swap: Tokens that you can Swap in Avana Wallet